Residential and Commercial Rates

Residential Electric
Customer Charge $16.00
Heat Plus Meter $4.00
Outside City Limits $19.00
Energy Charge (per kWh) $.084
Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) rate varies each month
* please see the Electric Billing & Information page for an explanation of PCA



Commercial Electric
Customer Charge
Inside City Limits Single Phase $21.00 Three Phase $36.00
Outside City Limits Single Phase $25.00 Three Phase $40.00
Energy Charge (per kWh) First 10,000 kWh - $.088 Over 10,000 kWh - $.063
Demand Charge (per KW) First 10 KW - $0.00 Over 10 KW - $10.00

Heat Plus Rate: Residential or Commercial Electric customers (using less than 10,000 kWhs/month) that operate a Ground Source Heat Pump (closed loop) or a Central Heat Pump (air to air) that meet the requirements of the GMU rebate program at the time of installation, as their primary heating source, (natural gas may be used as backup heat with an outside thermostat set at a maxium of 40 degrees to start the backup heat) shall be eligible for this rate.  Installations after 07/13/2010 shall require metering of the customers heat pump system at the customer's expense.  The charge is $.054/kWh with a PCA tied to CIPCO's Heat Plus rate.


Industrial Electric
Customer Charge $50.00
Energy Charge $.0565/kWh
Demand Charge $10.00/KW
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