Apply for Service

The link below contains the form needed to obtain service from GMU.

Application for Utility Service: This form is the application to have utility service started in your name.  Please fill out this form entirely for each resident over the age of 18 and return it to our office along with copies of a current photo ID for each person.  The new customer charge is also due with the application.  This charge is $75 if you have never had service in your name with GMU before or if you have not had service in your name for more than 2 years.  If you are a current customer or have been a GMU customer within the last 2 years, this charge is reduced to $25.  The new customer charge is a nonrefundable payment to get the new utility account set up and meters read.

Application for Utility Service

               Pay New Customer Fee Online

Online Account Access available for current customers by clicking the FrontDesk Login button in the top right corner of our webpage

        (*Note that Online Access is not available for new customers until the account has been setup by GMU staff - you will receive an email to confirm your email address once the account has been activated)


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