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The links below contain the forms needed to obtain service from GMU.

Application for Utility Service: This form is the application to have utility service started in your name.  Please fill out this form entirely for each resident over the age of 18 and return it to our office along with copies of a current photo ID for each person.  The new customer charge is also due with the application.  This charge is $75 if you have never had service in your name with GMU before or if you have not had service in your name for more than 2 years.  If you are a current customer or have been a GMU customer within the last 2 years, this charge is reduced to $25.  The new customer charge is a nonrefundable payment to get the new utility account set up and meters read.

Email Billing Enrollment: This form will allow our office to set up your account to have your billing statement emailed to the email address of your choosing rather than waiting for the paper copy in the mail.  Please return this form to our office if you wish to enroll in this free service.

Automatic Payment Enrollment: This form is for those customers who wish to have their utility bill automatically withdrawn from their bank account on the 17th of each month.  There is no charge for this service.  You will need to complete the form and return it to our office along with a voided check for the account you wish the payment to be withdrawn from.

Application for Utility Service

               Pay New Customer Fee Online

Email Billing Enrollment

Automatic Payment Enrollment


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