Electric Safety

  • Downed power lines:  Stay away from the power lines.  Never touch anything or anyone that is touching it.  If the wire is touching a vehicle that you are inside, wait for help.  If you must get out, jump clear and do not touch the ground and the vehicle at the same time.  Shuffle, do not run!
  • Lightning: Get inside if you can.  If you can't, go to low ground and crouch down.  Don't use electrical appliances or the telephone.  Stay out of the shower or bathtub.  Avoid trees and other tall or metal objects.  Stay out of the water.
  • Kites: Never fly kites in storms or near utility lines.
  • Overhead wires: If you are clibming a tree or using a ladder outside, be sure no wires run through or near the tree or near the ladder.
  • Water:  Keep electrical appliances and toys away from water, including rain, wet ground, swimming pools, sprinklers and hoses.
  • Conductors of electricity: Metal, water and wet things, trees and people.
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